DPRVTY (pronounced “depravity”) produces original remixes from DIY recordings and tape sound, dubbed “REFUK”, which have been featured on Darbolistic Rex. DPRVTY also makes beats and spits rhymes with Jay Schleidt in a dino-rap group, Big SAD (AKA the Big Sads), which have produced recordings for Darbolistic Rex, High Density Headache, I Had An Accident Records and Felt Cat Tapes. DPRVTY is currently located in Iowa City, IA.

Without turntables, DPRVTY cannot correctly be called a “disc-jockey”. Instead, “digi-jockey” may be a more accurate label.  DPRVTY uses a computer and other comp-o-nents to remix/refuk found sound.  The computer is not always central to the instrumentation; DPRVTY often draws sounds from and performs with cassette players, vinyl, drum machines, and whatever other sound manipulation devices that may be available to a modern musician.  Partial to a more experimental sound, DPRVTY would be equally appropriate in an art gallery or dance hall.

Among other depraved activities, DPRVTY has corrupted many filthy basement parties. When DJing for an event, DPRVTY uses the full gambit of available sound sources: the raunchiest of R-rated popular R&B Hip-hop jams chopped and screwed (often beyond recognition) and brewed with original experimental sounds and field recordings, tunneled into a complex series of effects then sacrificed to delight the cherubs of the aural realm.

DPRVTY can provide your space with a saucy sound to get down with.  Guests in attendance may spontaneously make out with each other. Want to collaborate? Need a track over which to put a rhyme? Want DPRVTY to bring the ruckus to your place in exchange for a small amount of cash and/or party favors?  Contact: dj.dprvty@gmail.com

DPRVTY believes people can jive with all sorts of vibrations in any location.  DPRVTY aspires to perform away from the power grid using renewable energy to power the electrical equipment involved (if any).  

Help make it happen:

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