Sound Work

My first sound voyages were created in the mid-eighties, after receiving a cassette recorder for a birthday present.  Around the turn of the century I compiled some material and made a couple tapes.  Eventually I began a recordings label in order to release things made by myself and my talented friends.  With time the label died, and was replaced by new audio releasing adventures, each staying for as long as necessary.  Most of the album packaging on the releases is made from scratch by me, and sometimes the sound artists provide the artwork or even the entire case.

My current “band” is Mustard-In-Law, with Tyler Luetkehans. It is difficult to describe what we do and how we sound, please take a moment to listen to this….



I/OWAR :::: Tom Buckholz // Thad Kellstadt // Jay Schleidt (2015)

Over the years, my own musical experiments have been put out to the world in various ways.
Take a reverse chronological trip through my released sound portfolio.
Jay’s Discography

Sometimes I make sounds in front of people.
Live Performances

Recording labels operated by me:
Darbolistic Rex (2008-2013)
Gilden God Tape Label (2011)
Ears to Iowa (2010-11)
Burd Turd Tapes (2009)
-de linqo donkeyhut (2006)
atlatl floppy disks (2006)
grel (2000-2005)

ZIPped mp3 albums

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