Free Album ZIPs!

Here are some zip files of albums I’ve been on.
Download and enjoy!
— * =split with another artist ———- # =release with 3 or more artists ——-
— + =collaborative/remix  ————– ** =split between two of my projects —

———Oni Oba:———————–(Jay Schleidt solo awesome beats…)
Oni Oba-Fascination Fleet
(Gilden God) cs
Oni Oba-Pizza Particle (Gilden God) cs

———Yana:———————–(Jay Schleidt solo synthy jams)
Yana-Quagga Quagga
first Yana release (FeltCat) cs
** Action Phantom / Yana split, (FeltCat) cs
# hotdog party 4way split: Yana, Julia Ladense, Daytime Television, Make Believe Bombs (Darbolistic Rex, FeltCat, i had an accident) cs
* Make Believe Bombs / Yana split (Darbolistic Rex) cs
Yana – Sighs In Creases
visual feedback experiments with sound (Darbolistic Rex) VHS
Yana-Gurff Enurf
(Darbolistic Rex) cdr
* Nnu3 / Yana split (Darbolistic Rex) cs
Yana-The Fruit Witch of Ancient Salamander
(Eh!) cdr

———snma:———————–(Jay Schleidt solo experimental improv…)
*+ Make Believe Bombs / smna “Conversations with Kenneth” split of remixes of old dude talking (FeltCat) cdr
* snma / Cosmic Charlie split with Cosmic Charles “Taterbug” Free’s alter-ego (FeltCat) cs
# Gold Opportunities / Silver Slithers 4way split: snma, Julia Ladense, DJ Dozibrion, Earth Incubator (FeltCat) cs
* Bryan Day & L.E. Methe / snma split (grel) cs
+ micht / snma split-channel radio recordings from Belgium and Oklahoma (grel) cs
snma – (reddangertape)
(grel) cs
snma – 92
(grel) cs
* snma / fslux split (grel) cs
snma – glen new this (grel) cs
snma – hkhhr
first album, came with a bug (grel) cs
snma – plad
deeply textured sound collages (grel) cdr
snma – tree five
short and sweet (grel) 3.5″ floppy disk
snma – two season
minimal musique concret (grel) cdr
snma-paused on dalmation accelerators
(afternoons modeling) cs
snma-glow bleg maze
(Kimberly Dawn) 3″ cdr
snma-how free is your
synthy meanderings (SauceJuice) 3″ cdr
snma-tape worship at the no-fi nest
(Darbolistic Rex) cs
* snma / Inappropriate King Live split (Darbolistic Rex, Rainbow Bridge) cs

———Pink Blatch:——————(Jay Schleidt solo remixing using other artists’ sounds as source)
+* refuk01-devindart remixes by BeRock & Pink Blatch (Darbolistic Rex)
+* refuk02-leenoble remixes by BeRock & Pink Blatch (Darbolistic Rex)
+* refuk03-goldwatermarmalaid remixes by BeRock & Pink Blatch (Darbolistic Rex)
+* refuk04-colorrabbit remixes by ARU & Pink Blatch (Darbolistic Rex)
+* ARU “2 remixes” remixes by BeRock & Pink Blatch (Darbolistic Rex)

———BigSad:———————–(Brock Muench & Jay Schleidt)
BigSad – A Beat & a Bad Word
(FeltCat) cs
* The Men from BEYOND / Big SADs split (FeltCat) cs
Big Sad – Hang Loose, Fritter Brain (Darbolistic Rex) cs
* fair conditioner / big sad “4cast:crunk”split (Darbolistic Rex) cs
BigSAD-smUv grUvs & live EEN Oh Wait!
one side’s an album, the other is a live show (HighDensity Headache) cs
BigSad-Detritus Containus
(i had an accident) cs
(SauceJuice) 3″ cdr
+ d.dart,b.muench,j.schleidt-selected random works solos, duos, trios, remixes (Darbolistic Rex) 2Xcdr

———Action Phantom:———————–(Devin Dart & Jay Schleidt)
* Action Phantom / Boar split (FeltCat) cdr
Action Phantom-Day Star / Night Star
(SauceJuice) cdr
** actionphantom / hi5forblissboys “WHEN DEVIN CAME” split -Hi-5 is A.P. with Zak Neuman (Ears to Iowa) cs
action phantom – PAG -or- how we’d love to lose a dusty yellow feather (if we had one)
(kindertapes) cs
** Action Phantom / Yana split (FeltCat) cs

———shelf life———————–(Bryan Day, Alex Boardman, Joseph Jaros, Jay Schleidt)
Shelf Life-Ductworks
freeform improv adventures (Public Eyesore) cd
shelf life
(de linqo donkeyhut) cdr

———branf, buttercream, forpermance:———————–(Carrie Sullivan & Jay Schleidt)
branf – insilpnye
fourtrack experiments (grel) cs/cdr
branf – lop
live and unreleased (grel) cdr
harsh power electronics (grel) cdr
loppy sound sample layers (Gilden God) cs

———beatfag, Sexplanation & Scheiße!, Gill Cosby:———————–(yobleart & Jay Schleidt)
Gill Cosby-Creek Bed
yobleart & jay (Ears to Iowa) cdr
** gillcosby / talonescu split -Talonescu is Gill Cosby with Point From Rooftops (Ears to Iowa) cs
Sexplanation and Scheiße!
pre-yobleart & pre-snma (grel) cs
beatfag – last night i dreamt of fecal matter
yobleart & jay(grel) cdr
beatfag – play at random on drugs
(grel) cdr
* CATMARE / Mysticosm CATMARE is Yobleart, Mysticosm is me (Gilden God) cs

———other projects———————–
Verdant Fog (Gilden God) cs
*Henri Chocolat / Frederik Frosting split, Chocolat is Megan Buick, Frosting is me (Gilden God) cs
*The Men from… BEYOND!! / Hubcap & ZO-ZO split, MFB is Devin Dart, Hubcap Holmes is Kurt Austin, ZO-ZO is me (Gilden God) cs
* Make Believe Bombs / Aisle of Few split, MBB is Devin Dart, Aisle of Few is Matt Carberry, Brock Muench, and myself (Gilden God) cs
+ Morning Foam remixes of friends’ sounds (Darbolistic Rex) 3″ cdr
* Dali Parton / In A Built-In Band split double 3inch cdrs / cs
* Beachfront Exercise / In A Built-In Band split, B.E. is Char Agnelo, I.A.B-I.B. is me (Darbolistic Rex) cs
gamma rave
(Gilden God) cs
* roadside picnic / jay schleidt split (Ears to Iowa) cs
home recordings from adolescence (Gertrude Tapes) cs
Isle of Few-shitty demo tape
Brock Muench, Devin Dart, Jay Schleidt space jazz trio (Darbolistic Rex) 3″ cdr
the original bedroom rap group Gangs! (Darbolistic Rex) cs
Vee – 3way
play set to shuffle: Carrie Sullivan, Josh Thomas, Jay Schleidt (grel) cdr
vee – 3way & Set Played 3x3way
(grel) 2X 3″ cdr
# USA FOR LSD / butler / Naturaliste live performance in Nashville & Murfreesboro (grel) cs
brote – 4
Stuart Von Stein & Jay Schleidt (grel) cs
brote – hreda
(grel) 3.5″ floppy disk
q’mir-kiwi for now
O.Quintana & J. Schleidt (Stentorian Tapes) cs
(Darbolistic Rex) cs

———compilations / more than two projects of mine on one release———————–
# live6way Iowa City performances by Eloine & snma, BigSad, Gill Cosby, Talonescu, Yana, & Aisle of Few (FeltCat) cs
# topato fram 36 artists compilation, I am in half of them (grel) cdr
# compilation 10 artists compilation, I am in 9 of them (grel) cs
# APairingInDisorder 60 artists compilation, I am in 4 of them (Darbolistic Rex) 2Xcs