I/OWAR ::: Tom Buckholz / Thad Kellstadt / Jay Schleidt


more cat paintings

turned this one into my business card

Do not force eyelids open.

the fear of life


a few small pieces


look who’s not talking now

caption bee farts


monoprinting afternoon

Today I did some simple monoprints.  On blue paper, I used only the inking brayer to find the textures I craved.  Then I used a thoughtlessly carved linoleum block as the impetus for an exciting pattern.


tube prints

These were produced by rolling a large tube along a styrene sheet strewn with blobs of paint, then rolling the paint covered tube onto paper.  The first two have further embellishments, the rest are unadulterated.

Ink a Nica

Inktober 2017

Inktober is an annual daily endurance practice experiment involving ink.
Here are some of the things I made this month.

Burn’n’Bread: LIVE2017

Collection of excerpts from live performances, March to August, 2017.
Side A:
6/17 at Bluelight Festival, rural Wisconsin//
6/5 at Wasted Land 2 film installation party, RADinc., Iowa City//
8/4 at Mountains of Dub, The Smokestack, Dubuque//
3/26 at Matt’s house, Indianola, Iowa//
5/1 on Leisure Screen Live! at the University of Iowa Television Studios in Seashore Hall, IC//
6/13 at RADinc.//
Side B:
7/28 at RADinc., Iowa City//
7/20 at The Lighthouse, IC//
8/2 at Monk’s, Dubuque, with special guest Victor Cayro as “The Mustard”//
The physical 30 minute tape is available only at shows. Artwork made from leftover flyers. Download includes performance shots, flyers, and audience videos.

A few weeks of shows

We played a bunch of shows in a few weeks.  At Monk’s Cafe in Dubuque, famed comic book artist Victor Cayro joined us on stage.  Please strap yourself in, it’s wild.





F I R E S A U C E R 3″ (cd)

Bluelight Festival

Sex Funeral

Nobody bought any merch!

Kevin Greenspon & J. Hamilton Isaacs

Wicked Saucery DVD

Phosphenes DVD

4 acrylic paintings

For Pets’ Sake, Create!

I helped organize and set-up this animal-themed art show and silent auction.
We raised over $3,000 for the local animal center.


Crystal City
“The Owner Class”

Muuma Wuuno made a video for the Iowa City band Crystal City.

BBJr “Decelebrate”

I drew the cover for this Bob Bucko Jr tape released by Already Dead Tapes.