April 22, 2007
Exquisite Corpse 1 in Asheville, NC

Saw dust green defracting
what we mean
tall grass sewed with
nails beneath a legacy
twisted beyond recognition
by crimson – plumed seraphem with
swords aflame. With all to behold. The mighty oblisque
OF o Love. Beyond what was and no will
be. They begin a new with their
passion. Then as they did they’ve lost
They Became. The untold legends vie for power
While the stars offer their wits from
a distant age.
Guises of security creat a sense
of continuity in an otherwise
SIRED OF THE TREE OF LIFE, bringing with it a
breath of welcomed change
Stays as a thought the same
keep it to your head
And flush the girl who works
with Florian and her banana beautifully bent
tward an unyielding brilliance of
passionate delight.
Obscuring feelings into infinite symbols
we stailk the future
and devour the stalled economists
because they flaunt destiny twisted like a
wreath of minds and mystery – unlike no other
sense of fucking being.
can’t wait for the cattle to leave the cage
or the thoughts to leave the page
Blank would only didicate the space to silence
and break the code of filling last minute assignments

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