April 22, 2007
Exquisite Corpse 2 in Asheville, NC

This another for no filler and
gracious are the souls who fill it
and plenty are the bowls of millet.
stand still and let go, stretch, byond
cataclysmic reasoning while entrenched in the
smokey swirl of time
lost these ten minutes of mine
pretty straight threads
not wanting to come undone and
clinching every muscle in the chewing region
he ate a blue tinted apple crisp
I are a nice cat ownars
The chode mobile crashed into a log
before a chance to flog
where is kale not? expanding expanding
mental tectonics, shift and converge global harmonies
and the pinning shards of glass shot ecstacy through
the neuro programmed night light of sactity;
Brian hit the weed and turned into an autistic old man
sold his time for fifteen an hour
eahch of us with our supposed differences
and desired inferences. Straight sick women
draw the line and with a deep breath cross it at the
same time ride the windmill to freedom.
it’s the brand thing
this is something to be obsessed with
becuse that’s what’s up
And it turns out they were just mad high all week

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