April 30, 2007
a dream

so, i’m pretty sure i’m on a spaceship, i can see all the blackness out the windows and stars.  i’m in some kind of class and we disperse to work on our projects at these small stations with glowing type desks, kind of like a cubicle except the desks are very low, it’s kind of like the top of a computer screen.  we are handed these large pieces of this shiny, flexy paper, looks kind of like the stuff that tapes (video, audio) are made of, very thin.  we are to draw something, i wasn’t quite clear on what i was supposed to be doing.  i looked around and i saw the other students starting on their things and i noticed that they were drawing different solar systems and galaxies.  their hands would start glowing and they would touch the paper and it would glow and the picure would start to appear.  as i looked down at mine, all i had was a regular piece of paper and some crayons, that kind of confused me….

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