July 1, 2007
lational security

Thursday, June 28, 2007, the dead hippies played at Race St. in Charleston, SC, with Gaybomb , Yellow Crystal Star (Tallahasee, FL), and The Ear Is the Brain (Tallahasee, FL). Gaybomb extracted audio from airplane ticket looking ‘cartridges’ through his two beautiful card readers. Using many different samples and quick manipulation the sounds ranged from a danceable rhythmic undertone to high pitched scratching noises. The Ear Is the Brain made his guitar holler all the while sporting a butcher’s apron and echolalic voicings. Most interestingly he took DNA samples from the crowd and laid them on a scanner thus keeping a record of the genetic makeup of the show. “These things, and their clinkity cling clings, I don’t think I’m going to need them much longer” he said. Mark (Yellow Crystal Star) displayed a film of his on two televisions while creating a bed of planned and improvised drone guitar. Even with your eyes closed you could still see the films. Ranging from smooth reverb/delay to piercing wah his set yanked at the full spectrum of emotion. The films themselves very lo-fi, but informational and mysterious too. Themed around a circle, time, and even a murder plot. That night I learned so much and left thinking that I could write a book, paint a picture, or record a song. Thanks Mark, Krishna, Jake, Andrew, and others for making the night go swimmingly.

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