November 19, 2007

just took a hit of the opposite
just checked out
tell me the ingredients we need to feed
tomorrow will be now
lose your self to find 129 people
don’t stay 8th while the world gets 9th
now is first, now is last, now is next
changes are not new and forever young
for there to be before and later there must be now
now is a channel
some of the last will be first
some of the first will be last
just got here, just left
neem tree pesto
civilized savages
time is a man made lake
more is too many
less is not enough
centralis is balance
the world tells you who you are
learn who you’re not
now always has been and forever will
the past is pretend
space is evens out
man becomes more odd
death in common
to know everyday you must know everyother
some of the most will be least
the all feeling orifice, the tunnel artifice
sixteen people stickers
save a line, take a hit
save a hit, shave a beak
society camp, citizen grid
kitten river, channel set
some people are
some people have
some people will
someone is
neither leading nor following
but inbetweening

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