November 27, 2007
Bright Orange Bear Wants to Eat a Bunny or some Crayons in a Town Near You Naked


I am a bright orange bear and I am coming to your city of _______________on tour. I am coming this Thursday, my mother’s birthday, April 14th November 2007. Any suggestions you could provide as to people or venues I could contact regarding a possible performance, or anywhere I might find some TASTY RABBIT MEAT would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you. You can find links to my music here at myfox.I_eat_poop.mp3 or at any other website. In fact why not just listen to something on the radio? Well take care, hugs and see you at the show.

love, your bright orange bear

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  1. you are crazy. what are you trying to do anyway? you should know better than to try to book a show in my city of ___________ with such short notice. All our rabbits are accounted for, espiecially during the holidays. Its not possible, I’m sorry. If you are going to come to Amsterdam, you have to learn some Dutch if you want to order lunch. If you want honey, go to the grocery store. I am going to go and read some nice advertisements now. goodbye. good luck in all your endevors. Nice review in the Wire of your record. Tell Mom Happy Birthday from me, too.

    love, your brother,
    Bright Orange Bearinger

    ps. I am going to just lay down here on the floor for a while where it is warm.

    Comment by Core of the Coalman — November 27, 2007 @ 4:22 am

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