April 30, 2007

a dream

so, i’m pretty sure i’m on a spaceship, i can see all the blackness out the windows and stars.  i’m in some kind of class and we disperse to work on our projects at these small stations with glowing type desks, kind of like a cubicle except the desks are very low, it’s kind of like the top of a computer screen.  we are handed these large pieces of this shiny, flexy paper, looks kind of like the stuff that tapes (video, audio) are made of, very thin.  we are to draw something, i wasn’t quite clear on what i was supposed to be doing.  i looked around and i saw the other students starting on their things and i noticed that they were drawing different solar systems and galaxies.  their hands would start glowing and they would touch the paper and it would glow and the picure would start to appear.  as i looked down at mine, all i had was a regular piece of paper and some crayons, that kind of confused me….

April 29, 2007

“I believe in the eternal search for Lation and the ever-changing thought of what is Lation; through continual contemplation and rumination.”

April 28, 2007

I’m not making fun of myself; I’m making fun with myself.




Partly discovering the patterns of our conversations.


Yours personally Little Chicken

it sees you, with yourselves


drunk pappys with angry girlfriends

understanding anyways



Always tell what real life was

Sick puppy dog sad

April 27, 2007

my friend mary, waiting on the summer sun.


darbot spottings:




meghan mcneer took this picture of my friend rob when the dead hippies played at 11:11 teahouse, in Atlanta, GA, on 4.13.07:


of my friend trey:


of myself:


April 22, 2007
Exquisite Corpse 2 in Asheville, NC

This another for no filler and
gracious are the souls who fill it
and plenty are the bowls of millet.
stand still and let go, stretch, byond
cataclysmic reasoning while entrenched in the
smokey swirl of time
lost these ten minutes of mine
pretty straight threads
not wanting to come undone and
clinching every muscle in the chewing region
he ate a blue tinted apple crisp
I are a nice cat ownars
The chode mobile crashed into a log
before a chance to flog
where is kale not? expanding expanding
mental tectonics, shift and converge global harmonies
and the pinning shards of glass shot ecstacy through
the neuro programmed night light of sactity;
Brian hit the weed and turned into an autistic old man
sold his time for fifteen an hour
eahch of us with our supposed differences
and desired inferences. Straight sick women
draw the line and with a deep breath cross it at the
same time ride the windmill to freedom.
it’s the brand thing
this is something to be obsessed with
becuse that’s what’s up
And it turns out they were just mad high all week

Exquisite Corpse 1 in Asheville, NC

Saw dust green defracting
what we mean
tall grass sewed with
nails beneath a legacy
twisted beyond recognition
by crimson – plumed seraphem with
swords aflame. With all to behold. The mighty oblisque
OF o Love. Beyond what was and no will
be. They begin a new with their
passion. Then as they did they’ve lost
They Became. The untold legends vie for power
While the stars offer their wits from
a distant age.
Guises of security creat a sense
of continuity in an otherwise
SIRED OF THE TREE OF LIFE, bringing with it a
breath of welcomed change
Stays as a thought the same
keep it to your head
And flush the girl who works
with Florian and her banana beautifully bent
tward an unyielding brilliance of
passionate delight.
Obscuring feelings into infinite symbols
we stailk the future
and devour the stalled economists
because they flaunt destiny twisted like a
wreath of minds and mystery – unlike no other
sense of fucking being.
can’t wait for the cattle to leave the cage
or the thoughts to leave the page
Blank would only didicate the space to silence
and break the code of filling last minute assignments

April 21, 2007
Nathan’s House

This is what Andy Notlaw equals. Pizza Mixtures. This one looks to contain cheese, roasted garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, and others. Andy recently asked me “does 75 percent of your tractor feed equal plant food or never enough?” I think this pizza is a statement in the same vein.
Pizzas are infinite. They have no beginning and no end.
Zza is our way to relate.


April 20, 2007
Charleston, SC

Tonight in Charleston the Lation is everywhere and in all forms. We’re all one and all God. There are other things that seem like they are not God.
Reading Alan Watts’ ‘The Book’. Making pizza practice. Listening to Harness Sauce.

This is a wonderful city equipped with a history to boot. Come visit me.


April 19, 2007
thee gato hearts thee, lation


is anyone going to coachella????????????

spiritual excursion circa 04

April 18, 2007
Lation Nation

Old Americas

old americaslatorgs

April 15, 2007


April 14, 2007
Basement Visuals

April 12, 2007



April 11, 2007

this is a drum i made with the help of my professor jonathan auger


a shirt i made last night

the pinkish parts
are glow in the dark
flying kiwis by pefff
glo n z dark

consciousness, nonlocality, lation, not davil

There is only one dimension, and it is everywhere and in all forms

April 9, 2007

Why am I here? is the hair?

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