April 9, 2007

As lationites we should never seek total control (i.e. domination) of Davil. Because that would only give Davil more influence over our lives. Instead we should use Davil as a learning tool to help better ourselves and our cause.

April 8, 2007
she caught the tunnel, left me a mule to ride.

April 7, 2007


(done by another but I felt as though it needed to be posted.)

April 6, 2007

we must strive to stay in touch with each other and support each other through Lation.
i need to be in a community of like minded artists,
a place where i wont be ashamed of who i am, with like minded brothers and lovers.

April 5, 2007
Murphy Brown

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April 3, 2007
The Acid Living Room

The Acid Living Room’s 5th show airs tonight at 10pm your US time on http://www.viva-radio.com/acidlivingroom. This week’s show “Pentagon” features the likes of Young Wife, Head Molt, Double Trouble, Brown Swarm, Taiga Fang, snma, Yobleart, Invading Sountrack etc




April 2, 2007

A brief guide to Davil

to concern yourself with davil is to understand the 3 points of davil.
The 3 points of davil are the essence of davil. Any image, sound, or object created for or with davil must also
consist of the 3 main points, 3 auxiliary points and the face of davil within the 3 points (more on davilian art will be discussed later).
The 3 points must form a triangle. The 3 points of Davil represent time, space and natural mathematics. The 3 auxiliary points represent
Life, death and creation/destruction. The face of Davil represents those who follow these guidelines and the worshiping
of anything that is opposite. Davil exsists only to oppose. Opposition is the key to davil. If you say live, davil says
die. if you say hate, davil says love. One reason people choose not to follow davil… organization such as Lation for example
do not like the strict form involved in everything davil. Lationism is a very free form. Meaning simply that you can do or think anything you
want or feel. free. Davil is restriction and discipline. Davil can only truely be realize upon death. The release of life comes with great
knowledge of davil. Therefore, to even understand davil is to commit suicide. Some things become of davil without intention or even being realized.
To find these things you must simply look to the 3 points of davil. Sometimes so subtle that they appear not to appear.
Since davil is opposition it’s hard for davil to be any one specific thing. The belief in davil makes you have to change the way you think
or feel about any particular subject sometimes multiply times in one day. This may lead to confusion outside of the davil mind set.
however, Davil and the friends of Davil take a very strange pride in this. Davil’s initial thought is discontent, unless otherwise stated by anyone else.
Davil does not hate lation. In fact, davil prefers to communicate, discuss and argue with those of lation. Being that lation is so free and davil is opposition,
davil becomes the opposite of everything lation. The strict form of davil philosophy and art makes the free form of lation the perfect candidate
for argument. Through argument we learn. Davil hinges on the argument as a source of information and knowledge. Without argument life ceases to
be interesting. Thank you for ready a brief guide to all things davil.

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