May 26, 2007

grid city



May 24, 2007

let go of dial

lotion is here

May 21, 2007
Dead Hippies Tour Update

First the airlines lost our luggage with all of our gear and clothes. We had to go pick them up ourselves the next night.

What’s the why of the are what who do’s? I could sware I know what to say. I couldn’t think of this as changing.

Does everything lead us to question everything?

Prohibited from campfires of any kind.

Serine splendor calls for.

Nautilus of confusion in a bar of grease traps.

On May 17, 2007, I kicked back and wrote you a verse of prose. I didn’t think about the final thing. Sitting on a mountain of together my love dear. The possibilities make limits of closure. Trees hold the sounds of an overforest. Come sleep with me in my skin. It’s our skin. Find man in every corner of all six globs. Grab a cell phone to tell me I’m right.

Tell me the abuse doesn’t relate in all spectrum of spectrums. Write it down to make sure that you’re writing it down to make sure.

A postcard with a return address to the place you’re not.

Dreams of scary acid trips.

Being on painted rock mountain helps in realizing the land we all share. There is no one here, so we can’t be guilty.

You can hear the wind before it reaches, but nothing prepares for the cold meeting. Clear crystal blue lake largely here for company. Could use a coffee now to stay awake.

Earths, dialer, and inside blood red.

We sat around “Lake Tao” and smoked a lot.

On the first night we arrived at the trail at 12 am, so we slept under the sky in sight of the lake, which was under the sun in the morning. Then we were awake we hiked to the top of Cinder Cone and ate avocado burritos with a wondeful view of the Northern Sierras, and about 7 miles later we pitched our tents at Painted Rock where a Coyote surprised us while cruising within 20 yards of our standing. He was looking for that brave, crafty Chipmunk that stole Andrew’s cracker the next morning.

After hiking 5.5 miles back to “Tao” we met a friend at hiked to the Brockway Summit and made camp again, where we sang about blood red, seven, Dialer, and how mushrooms are better than God and acid works better than church; all while singing backwards. We recorded it too.

We’re now in the safe arms of Sacramento ready to invade the Bay Area. We go there today.

i lost my wallet somewhere in sacramento which is making the process a little more difficult then expected. i’m working on finding a form of ID and some money as i write this. i’m on the phone with the credit union in a smooth jazz purgatory waiting to admit to them how careless i am…

its a minor setback, it cannot distract from my realizations of realizations. we are weavers and seers coming into our own. cascades and tunnels become textures and form.

how are we live our lives? i can keep walking with joy though my feet are broken? i don’t have to keep it from myself to go on. it won’t always be like this. there are parts of this moment that are better to dwell on.

May 20, 2007

May 18, 2007

May 11, 2007


May 10, 2007

new sounds!  brand new snma stuff to hear!
go to to listen.
let me know what you think.


new shirts of mix and match designs.

May 7, 2007

Won’t ask forgivness.

Just as…

Won’t ask permission.

Only wishing care and smiles.

Just as…

You are your god.

You write your dogma.

Lation is WE.

Just as…

We are Lation.


May 4, 2007

acid living room : swervin

New acid living room radio show as of 5/1/07 features : snma, the dead hippies, friends of davil, dids, baby teeth thieves, and shelf life. Dial Your brain is god.

May 3, 2007
Shonffee best of youtube entry

This month all girls that rock.

[youtube HDVDqJ7o8LE]

the amazing “in canada” by bj snowden

[youtube 0hhm0NHhCBg]

This one reminds me of my stepmother who turned me on to this song.

[youtube W7mleSvxWqc]

words can not describe the awesome.

[youtube aHOLw6z0QLg]

alot of shoe and leg gazing in this one

[youtube Agl4IvNnQPo]

awesome awesome awesome

[youtube jhyStlk4hO0]

the rock don’t stop did she say “the monks?”

shonffee out, see you next month <:I-

May 2, 2007

May 1, 2007

brusha brusha provacactive action against you all,

i gave you all an STD,

can you forgive me?

if you do would you forgive me for fucking  another man?

you forgave me for kissing one. but would you forgive me for sucking one off?

i bet you would you fucking saint.