June 30, 2007
supermegaextramoresuperstore store


June 25, 2007
sauce juice tunnel tee (pics)

currently tunneling towards lation.org, will be at centralis soon.

Sauce Juice Tunnel Tee’s

these shirts were spray painted, colored, marked, and generally created by Jeff and Corey the week preceeding Bonnaroo weekend, I believe between the dates of June 8-13. Some were given away others are being worn now and the rest are sitting around. If you should like one, an arrangement can be made for delivery of the chosen item. sneef snarf belarf harftif.

The Sun Sweats For Everyone

You hear the voices outside
Two birds singing for the sun
Nimble with bright blue eyes
Where wind meets wings two are one

The sun sweats for everyone
The sun sweats for everyone

Bones cold like October
Ring wrapped toes perch on live wire
Dogs bark up the phone poles
Dew beads on woven feathers

The sun sweats for everyone
The sun sweats for everyone

Scanning ground for hidden seeds
They’re pilgrims of the wind
No home, but the open
Floating from limb to limb

The sun sweats for everyone
The sun sweats for everyone
The sun sweats for everyone
The sun sweats for everyone

June 24, 2007
gnu schirdts

new ladies shirt prince
see saucejuice for pefff
snma sewn and stripessnma sewn and stripeszerbospe pe sploojinsneklussdrabb omelon

June 23, 2007


June 22, 2007

Played tag with an

airport assistant.

Confused a foe

with a friend.

Waited on the river

for our luggage to come.

Late on highway 28

we struggled to stay awake.

Our eyes blood red,

between alive and dead.

When our hike began,

it was 1 a.m.

We saw our visions painted

on the mountains all around us.

On top of painted rock

we found a perfect spot.

Me and three friends

hopped into a tent,

and opened our mindless eyes

to the blood red inside.

We saw our visions painted

on the mountains all around us.


         Spirited shirtless

         we danced on the mountain.

         Hopefully caught

         by the camera around us.

On top of Brockway summit

we thought we finally found it;

a way of making sense

of forever being friends.

We’ll tour the country in a van,

and always be our favorite band.

We heard our voices painted

on the mountains all around us.

June 19, 2007

yurt yurt yurt yurt yurt villiage yurt yurt
harness harness harness harness harness chasis harness harness
chalice chalice chalice chalice chalice sauce chalice fuck
nogasin nogasin nogasin nogasin nogasin nogasin wogasin
vidlins vidlins vidlins vidlins vidlins vidlins vidlins
scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil scogsdil
chowder chowder chowder chowder chowder chowder chowder chowder
celebrate every day celebrate every day celebrate celebrate celebrate celebrate celebrate

June 16, 2007


June 15, 2007
valley of lation

lation is in the sound

lation is in the ground

lation is all around

lation is flowing

underneath the the bridge

that is growing

closer from me to


June 12, 2007
exquisite corpse

the ideas were fighting
for the chance to be
free the slaves jimbo before
they gonna revolt
for the napkin fold
safety harness trash
caress chall baar
soak soldier poke the
bolder bolstered billy club
soft sag
climber fan somber jan was
never tan in fact he was
very white foreskin freak bath
Janet Range came the same
output noticed input ignored
everything understood
by the sound surrounding
fake lipped dime stone
froggy methods paisley

June 11, 2007
[neat pizza] recipe

To make a 14″ pizza:
Combine the following ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir briefly:

3/4 cup warm water (90-110 F)
4 teaspoon sugar (brown or white)
1 tespoon pure olive oil (or extra virgin)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt (or salt salt)

Add add the following ingredients to the mixing bowl:

2 cups high gluten flour aka patent flour (or bread flour or all purpose)
1 teaspoon active dry yeast

If you have a stand mixer, mix for 8 minutes or so on a low to medium speed. If the dough gets stuck on the hook turn off the mixer and remove. Mix until nothing sticks to the bowl. The dough should be sticky to the touch, but not stick to you. And of course add more flour if the dough is not stiff enough. Mix until a cohesive ball forms.

For those of you with hand mixers, good luck. Find those dough hooks and get to work. Mix dough until a cohesive ball forms. Turn over onto a floured surface and kneed into a ball if you must.

Lastly if you have neither a hand mixer or stand mixer, but do have a wooden spoon.. try mixing your dough adding half a cup to your mixture at a time.

After your dough is mixed form a ball with it and place it in an olive-oiled (1 tsp) circular container such as a bowl for it to rise. Make sure that said container is at least twice as large as your dough ball will grow. Cover your container with foil or a plate or towel or t shirt or seran wrap. Let your dough rise until it doubles in size (45 minutes – 1 hour). If you have the time put your dough in the refidgerator over night as it will gain flavor and texture.

When you’re ready to prepare your pizza pre heat your oven to 450 F and flop your dough ball onto your floured counter and pat it slap it spread it into a shape that you like. Try kind of working on the dough circularly working around an axis and expanding from there. Consider the fact that your dough will expand in the oven and adjust the thickness accordingly. Use a rolling pin if you want to. I’ve used a wine bottle as a rolling pin to get the dough to spread out evenly.

After sprinkling surface with cornmeal or flour, put your crust onto a pizza pan, cookie sheet, or (preheated) pizza stone and then take liberty to dress your pizza in sauce and cheese and all of your dreams. We made our sauce from scratch and you can too! We mixed one part provalone to two parts mozzarella.

Cook your pizza at 450 F for 12-15 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

I like to brush the crust with melted butter and minced garlic when i take it out of the oven. After that i sprinkle parmesan all over the pizza.

Go crazy with your pizza. Try substituting white flour with potato flour, semolina flour, hemp flour, rye flour, or wheat flour. Try substituting sugar with honey or malt instead of sugar. Try not using sugar at all! Try using beer instead of water. Get freaky with your toppings. Try halibut, potatoes, carrots, mangoes, or corn! Zucchini, squash, and sweet potatoes! Mix gorganzola with mozzarella and provolone with piccarino. Crack eggs on your pizza when it’s half-cooked for a breakfast pizza!

Pizza is a vehicle of awesomeness. If it’s awesome you can probably put it on a pizza.


Your pizza dough will be trully awesome if you’re able to find high – gluten flour. You can get 50 lb. bag with some friends at Palmer’s Wholesale in Murfreesboro for $20 or so. That’s so many pizza parties! Call 615 895 6514.

Your pizza dough will be trully awesome if you have a stand mixer. If not it will take some tweaking and hard work.

Your pizza will be trully awesome if you buy a pizza screen. Google search pizza screen and pick one up.

If you’re using a cookie sheet try cooking it on your floured cooking sheet for ten minutes and then scooting it onto the oven rack for a few minutes of crispifying at the end.

Be careful.


If you want to make a lot of pizza:

2 16″ pizzas

2 1/4 cups warm water
3 tablespoons & 3 teaspoon sugar
3 teaspoon pure olive oil (or extra virgin)
1.5 teaspoon salt


6 cups high gluten flour (or other)
3 teaspoon active dry yeast

Follow the same procedures from before just divide your dough into two seperate dough balls after it is mixed. Also let them rise in seperate containers.


this recipe is credited to Dominick DeAngelis, “The Art of Pizza Making”, Plains, PA, 2004

lation is not davil.


June 9, 2007
it almost feels like

i’m dragging my teeth down your spine

camp supplies


-chalice grid





June 6, 2007

just another day in centralis

do not get into agriculture if you don’t own a tractor

call dialer

be found now

June 4, 2007

screen printed by saucejuice on aa 50/50 shirts at grand palace. thanks to nicky from the darlins for help.

screen printed by saucejuice on aa 50/50 shirts at grand palace. thanks to nicky from the darlins for help.

limited to 20

3 XL, 3 L, 1 M, and 1 S remain

paypal ~$13 to boywithmanhead@gmail.com and please include: size and shipping address

wherever we go
lation follows
wherever we go
the lightness glows
wherever we go
we travel with it
what we don’t know

June 3, 2007
Lation’s Way

Today is Reday. Don’t delay on Lation’s Way. Sharing is Lation’s Way. One thing = everything.

If you have your registration papers and would like to turn them in please e-mail boywithmanhead@gmail.com

If you would like to actively participate in the archiving of lation thought and art, please e-mail your street address to boywithmanhead@gmail.com. I will send you a short survey to have fun with.

Lation’s all around
Lation’s in the sound
Lation’s underground

Lation is growing
Lation is flowing

June 1, 2007
The Dead Hippies Tour Update: June 1st 2007

The shows in the bay area were fine, especially the surprise show at the Buchla residence in Berkeley.

San Francisco was a bunch of talkative buttheads at the Revolution Cafe. But we didnt get booed, so  i guess it was a success.

The Pehr Space in LA was our best show, lots of kiddies and good vibes. also had a good PA.

But Jim at the Smell in downtown LA didnt show up until 10:30 so everyone got bummed and some people left before the show even got started. but these 4 kids from Orange County stuck around and bobbed their heads. They didnt buy any merchandise though. It was a pleasure to see and hang with Free Agitation from Oakland, CA.

 On our way down we stopped at 2 coastal towns, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. We ended up partying a little too hard both nights and had a hard time driving the long stretches in between.

But Andrew and I swam in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We got it on the video camera. Glorious.

 The peeling of the tunnel is untained. The mind is camped in the fire.

We celebrate the end in acceptance of new beginnings.

be sure to be sure to be sure to be

Taiga Fang (Trey) is off to Wyoming for a stint working at some camp grounds in the Grand Tetons.

Among playing weddings and Burning Man, Devin will be returning to Murfreesboro to make music.

I, boywithmanhead, am going to summer school for the remainder of the summer with aspirations of interning at Viva Radio at the end of it all.

Our first album, Home Home Branches, is available on cd-r from saucejuice.com for $6. Or email thedeadhippies@gmail.com.

We have new lation.org t-shirts printed on AA  50/50 shirts, and they are $10. Pictures soon.

Look out for a baby teeth thieves album in the fall.