March 27, 2008
You are just part of the problem, I must be most of the problem

Blind Patriotism is Rampid.. rapid…. rabid… rabbit…

racism is still here? how?

people are really so absorbed in themselves that they forget that others exist?

why don’t you know more about why don’t you know more why don’t you know more that other culture?

Will the I say go every be solved?

I say go?

break your daily routines.. your routine obligations and absurd responsiblities

fuck it! try not going to work you daily routines.. today…. better yet try and get as far away as far away as far away as far away as you can from where you are right now!!!!! just fucking DO IT!

March 25, 2008





2 squids

word love
fox in socks

peek a play at kidders
the letter f
the better laugh

what is this?

what do you want with it?

March 19, 2008

Tokkin’ upandown LIKE THEEEIISSSSS

March 14, 2008
ch’ check it

also, thank you to anonymoususer13 for posting my typed stuff about fractals.


March 11, 2008


Christopher Willoughby



March 10, 2008
Noah M. Jussein

Najusen tablets

Karen Tristenson

Will tribes

Najusted adjusted

Opposites disease grid

Camp sticks to start tree chambers

Al Weknow

Basically just told me?

Might as well might as tell

Makerson’s diet

Makersfield village

Yurt based economy

March 5, 2008