September 30, 2008

yoya honrasz goes linbop squad rap.

kerfka lootz besent besent


September 29, 2008


September 27, 2008



September 26, 2008
nephew’s oven:


September 24, 2008



long neat complex dreams dealing with many people and many ideas.  almost an interconnectedness felt on a hyper-dimensional grid of times and places.  multiple beings present but not.  main story involving myself and many people i know and do not know playing characters within the story.  all sorts of comedy, drama, sci-fi, all types of plot settings.  all this is vague in description, only because it was so densely layered and detail-oriented, i do not remember anything specific occurring.  when i awoke, i had the answer to the problem i had begun contemplating last night.  how do you combine former vice-president al gore’s name with the word and concept of an algorithm?  al gore rythm section.

September 23, 2008
found kodachrome slides:

with hats:

yobleart=scavenger general
tay tay=climb in recycling bin
sarah=free fotoprocessing

September 22, 2008





asian tiger mosquito madness:
1. flist latio loiner
2. mexican blankeart
3. vestrick magi
4. my nose and me

September 18, 2008
hair, i see hippogrip

sitting inside the patio den i saw you spew in my peripheal we had some drinks and the night ended with the light poles graphing my face in the back seat.
open omen:
her mits
her tits

September 2, 2008
Gray and even a little Purple

dream::i was with my cousin chris.  we had a rifle/shotgun.  somehow, i accidentally shot him and he died.  i waited around awhile, scared, and it started raining and flooding.  i went inside and found uncle ray and told him chris accidentally shot himself and he is dead.  he laughed and came outside with me, skeptical.  (the weather kept changing from rainy and flooding to nothing at all)  we found chris and ray was acting like he didn’t really see anything wrong, and asked where chris was.  i was attempting to turn chris over and get a good look at his wound, yet when ray asked where he was, it seems like chris wasn’t there.  then we went over to the shed and opened the door.  inside was a fat person with a very large head with messy kinda curly hair.  in the face, which seemed to be in a seizure or possesed state, and kinda vomitus, i recognized chris’s face, and tried to help him up.  then he was himself again as though nothing happened.